Usual questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about eLiburutegia, as well as advice and other useful information.

What is eLiburutegia?

eLiburutegia is an online eBook lending service set up and maintained by the Basque Government (BG) for all Basque citizens.

How does it work?

eLiburutegia has an extensive catalogue of eBooks in Spanish, Basque and other languages, which is constantly being added to and updated. Files can be either streamed or downloaded from any browser, operating system or digital reading device.

How can I become a user of the eLiburutegia service?

In order to access the eLiburutegia service, you need to be a registered user with one of the public libraries in the Basque Public Reading Network (RLPE). Your library card contains your user name and access code. If you do not yet have a card, then you can request one at any of the RLPE libraries.

How can I access the eLiburutegia service?

If you are already a member of the Basque Public Reading Network (RLPE), simply go to the website, select the book you wish to borrow and enter the same details you would use to access the other services offered by the Network (membership number and password).

If you are not a member of any public library in the Network, then you must first request a membership card at your local library. This card will contain the details you require to access the platform directly and free of charge.

What should I do if I forget my eLiburutegia access details or if I get an error message?

Click on the link: forgotten your password? which appears on the eBook lending service access screen. This link takes you to an interface where you can change your password. Once you have done so, you will receive a confirmation email. You can now access the service using your new password.

If the problem persists, please go to your local library and ask them to reissue your access information.

What are the conditions for borrowing eBooks from eLiburutegia?

The borrowed eBook will be available on up to 6 different devices and 6 computers (simultaneously). Loans last for 21 days (you will receive a reminder email 5 days before the end of the loan period). You may borrow no more than 4 eBooks at a time.

What happens if I don't receive the emails sent by eLiburutegia in my inbox?

Check your spam folder and filter settings, since messages sent by the platform may sometimes be incorrectly identified as junk email. If you cannot find the message in your spam folder, then check with your local library that the email they have in their records is correct.

What are the rules for using eLiburutegia?

Access to or use of eLiburutegia and its contents imply acceptance of your status as a user, which in turn implies full acceptance of each and every one of the conditions outlined in the "eLiburutegia platform terms and conditions of use" (See eLiburutegia Terms and Conditions of Use).

Is there any difference between streaming eBooks and downloading them onto a device?

No. eBooks can be either streamed or downloaded, without this in any way affecting the calculation of the loan.

Can I return a borrowed eBook before the end of the loan period?

No. The option to return eBooks before the end of the loan period has not been activated.

Can I renew a borrowed eBook?

No. The option to renew eBooks has not been activated. If you wish to continue having access to an eBook you have previously borrowed, you must request another loan.

What happens if I already have the maximum number of loans out when an eBook I have reserved becomes available?

If you have the maximum number of loans out when an eBook you have reserved becomes available, it will automatically pass on to the next reader on the waiting list. You will not be notified of this.

How can I read the eBooks I take out on loan?

To read the eBooks you take out on loan you need to install the Adobe Digital Editions program. The Help ePub section contains all the information required to install the program, request an Adobe ID and transfer eBooks to your reading devices (See Download ePub in eLiburutegia).

What should I do if the eBook reader program does not recognise my device?

The eBooks available for loan on eLiburutegia are protected by the Adobe DRM digital rights management system. Your reader device must be compatible with this system.

If Adobe Digital Editions does not recognise your device, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your device is not compatible with Adobe DRM. You can check this in the manufacturer's documentation (provided with your device) or on the Adobe website. Amazon Kindle devices, for example, are not compatible with Adobe DRM.
  • Your device is compatible with Adobe DRM but not with the Adobe Digital Editions program. Some manufacturers offer alternative programs or methods for some of their models: for example, the "Reader" program by Sony for its PRS-T1, PRS-T2 and PRS-T models. To download this program, please click here:
  • Your device is compatible with Adobe DRM and Adobe Digital Editions, but has not been correctly connected to your PC. To ensure correct connection, follow the instructions provided by the device manufacturer.

Can I read eLiburutegia eBooks on my Kindle?

No. eBooks can be read from any type of browser, operating system and digital reader device, except Kindles. Amazon excludes itself by using a protection system that is not compatible with Adobe DRM and is exclusive to Kindle reader devices.

Can I use free software?

The Adobe website only contains links for downloading versions for Mac and Windows. If you want to use free software, then you must use Wine, a package that enables many Windows programs to be run in Linux. This link shows you how to do it. In any case, bear in mind that you are installing an Adobe program designed for Windows in a Linux environment. eLiburutegia accepts no responsibility for any incidents or errors that may occur.

What should I do if I can't find the eBook after downloading it onto my computer?

When you download a book from eLiburutegia, the system generates a file which should be opened using the Adobe Digital Editions program. Normally, this file is opened automatically in Adobe Digital Editions, but depending on your browser and system settings, it may not open automatically, but rather may be saved in your browser's downloads folder. If this happens, there are a number of ways you can access the file:

  • Before downloading the file, select the option "Save as" instead of "Open". This enables you to select the location in which your browser will save the file. Once it has been saved, simply double click on it to open.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, find it (it will be an ACSM file) in your browser's downloads folder and either double click on it or move it to another location and then double click to open.

What should I do if an error message appears when I open a downloaded eBook?

When you download a book from eLiburutegia, the system generates a file which should be opened using the Adobe Digital Editions program. Normally, this file is opened automatically in Adobe Digital Editions, but sometimes an error message may appear indicating that it is not possible to open the file because it is not an accepted file type or is damaged. This message is generated when Windows associates the file with the Adobe Reader program and tries to open it with that program, instead of associating it and opening it with the Adobe Digital Editions program. You can solve this incident permanently by changing the default application with which you open this type of file in your device. To do so:

  • Right click on the file.
  • Select the "Properties" option.
  • In the "General" tab, click on "Change", located next to "Open with".
  • Select "Adobe Digital Editions" or use to the "Explore" button to tell Windows in which folder Adobe Digital Editions is installed in your PC (it will normally be: C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions 3.0).

Another possibility (although this is not a permanent solution) is to proceed as follows:

  • Start the Adobe Digital Editions program.
  • Find the downloaded file and drag it to Adobe Digital Editions.

Can various different people use the service from the same device?

The Adobe Digital Editions program is downloaded in association with a specific account. If you want to access a different account, you need to decouple the device and download the program once again.

What should I do if I have any further queries?

For any further queries related to this new loan service, please contact your local library. They should be able to clear up any doubts you may have. You can also ask any questions over the Internet or by telephone or email, using the citizen interaction service provided by either the Basque Government (Zuzenean) or your local council (providing it has one).